Dear Quik Customer,

There is a new SCAM going around the internet and it has been brought to our attention. 

SCAMMERS are searching for and finding E-Commerce websites, getting to the checkout page and then assigning an automated bot program to attempt credit authorizations repeatedly until they find a card that works.  The automated bot can run thousands of cards in just a few hours.  Usually the SCAMMER focuses on small cost items during testing. If the SCAMMER then finds a ccard that works then they know they can go elsewhere on the internet and use that ccard to purchase a more valuable item or even sell the verified ccard on the internet black market.

The problem with this SCAM is two-fold.

PROBLEM #1:  Merchant Gateways charge a "gateway transaction fee" each time a ccard is attempted to be processed on their system.  All Merchant Account companies need a Gateway to process transactions. Companies like and NMI (Network Merchant Interface) can charge up to $.25 cents per transaction attempt.  This can add up quickly and be quite expensive if you get targeted and the bot runs thousands of attempts on your online store.  Remember... both DECLINED and ACCEPTED transactions get charged the transaction fee, so it can get out of control quickly.

PROBLEM #2:  If the SCAMMER is successful and the bot gets a ccard that is run successfully, you will get the Order in your E-Commerce system.  Since the Order appears legitimate on your end, you will most likely fulfill the order.  Thus, you will be shipping the product (to a random address) and most likely also get hit with a chargeback on that ccard once the real ccard owner realizes that their ccard was stolen and used illegitimately.

If you have an ecommerce website, PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS SCAM.  We can fix the issue by adding a ReCAPTCHA Anti-Fraud verification step at the end of the checkout page.  Just call us or email us and let us know your site URL and we will look into it for you.

NOTE: Quik Website Design and Consulting does not have any affiliation with any online Merchant Gateways.



Thursday, May 27, 2021

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