Another round of fake emails is making its way around the US.  It once again attempts to fool you into thinking that your email storage/bandwidth is full and wants you to click on a link to verify your email credentials. If you receive an email that looks similar to the one below, THIS S A PHISHING EMAIL DO NOT CLIK ON ANYTHING. It also looks ... Read More »

16th Mar 2022
Qhost123 Recent Email Bounces and RBL Lists (Blacklists)

Dear Quik Customer, We hope your holiday season is finding you well. A website vulnerability on one of the websites on our server was exploited within the past 24-48 hours and it resulted in the sending of thousands of SPAM messages from our server. This in turn caused some Blacklist companies to list our email server as a poor reputation and ... Read More »

29th Nov 2021
Ecommerce Store SCAM - New Credit Card Phishing and Testing SCAM

Dear Quik Customer, There is a new SCAM going around the internet and it has been brought to our attention.  SCAMMERS are searching for and finding E-Commerce websites, getting to the checkout page and then assigning an automated bot program to attempt credit authorizations repeatedly until they find a card that works.  The automated bot can ... Read More »

27th May 2021
Quik Website Design and Consulting - New Server is LIVE!

As of April 1, 2018 Quik Website Design and consulting is LIVE on our new server!  This server is optimized for WordPress, E-Commerce and CMS websites.If you have any questions, plese do not hesitate to contact us at 757-460-9000 so that we may help.  You can also access more information like your Control Panel, Web Mail and Anti-SPAM ... Read More »

11th Apr 2018