Dear Quik Customer,

We hope your holiday season is finding you well.

A website vulnerability on one of the websites on our server was exploited within the past 24-48 hours and it resulted in the sending of thousands of SPAM messages from our server.

This in turn caused some Blacklist companies to list our email server as a poor reputation and ultimately block emails from our server.

If you have experienced some bounce-back emails within the past 24-48 hours, that is the cause.  Not all companies subscribe and adhere to the same blacklists, so some of your emails may have been delivered successfully.  But for the specific companies that subscribe to the specific blacklist that our server was listed on, your emails were not deliverable.

We have found the vulnerable website, cleansed the site and fixed the problem.  We were able to manually request de-listing from some of the blacklists, but others will require a few days to ensure our server is no longer compromised.

Thank you.


Quik Website Design and Consulting, Inc.

Monday, November 29, 2021

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